Animal Wastewater Treatment

Disposing of difficult to treat animal wastes

One challenge of running a facility for animals is the need to dispose of a significant quantity of difficult to treat waste.  Animal waste comes under more stringent waste regulations than domestic waste.

WPL has provided sewage treatment for many animal facilities not connected to mains drainage.  WPLs high quality biological treatment solutions can now be combined with WPL Robust Aerobic Digestion System (RADS) an innovative sludge-reducing technology.


WPL’s Robust Aerobic Digestion System (RADS) sludge treatment:

  • Reduces de-sludging costs - RADS reduces sludge volume with up to 4 times extended de-sludge intervals; reducing frequency and tankering costs without placing significant biological or hydraulic load on the rest of the plant.
  • The combined process means the aerobically treated sludge from animal waste can be re-categorised as domestic waste, which further reduces costs enforced by the Landfill Directive and ADAS safe sludge matrix.

Animal Waste Options