Wastewater treatment - meeting the challenges of healthcare facilities

Healthcare organisations generate high strength sewage and wastewater and are prone to variable flows and loads due to changing patient and visitor rates. High loadings can also be expected due to large amounts of laundry.

WPL offer wastewater treatment plants suitable for the health industry. Each sewage treatment plant is designed to meet variable requirements and where mains drainage is unavailable. From small nursing homes to large hospital and healthcare developments, WPL have provided wastewater treatment plants on many sites in both the public and private sector.

Our wastewater treatment systems require no chemicals and are easily maintained, offering low whole-life costs.

WPL also ensure that sewage and wastewater treatment plants, designed for the healthcare sector, are proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the UK Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or other regulatory bodies.

Typical applications include:

Health Options