Adaptable wastewater systems

With increasing environmental demand on holiday and home parks, we work in collaboration with you to identify and solve onsite specific wastewater treatment challenges:

  • Meeting Environment Agency standards even at sensitive sites
  • Resilient process managing seasonal variations in occupancy levels
  • Capital costs to upgrade or replace existing facilities
  • Pressure to keep the plant easy to operate and maintain
  • Futureproof - need to scale operations as treatment demands grow
  • Limited space to build and upsize
  • Sustainable process to minimise the environmental impact

Our UK custom designed and manufactured wastewater treatment systems are adapted to meet your specific needs.  Backed by continued dedicated technical support throughout the whole project to deliver cost-efficient treatment for the whole life of the plant:

  • Low operator maintenance systems can include real-time monitoring
  • Site refurbishment can further reduce cost and site waste
  • Technology can retrofitted into existing on-site tanks
  • Modular design overcomes sites with tight footprint and difficult access
  • Above and below ground options for landscaped sites and poor site conditions
  • Off-site build of the plant keeps onsite installation works to a minimum
  • Hire solutions to keep sites operational and within consent

Typical uses include:

  • Luxury lodges
  • Caravan parks
  • Campsites
  • Residential parks

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