Discreet Installation for Leisure and Hotel Wastewater Treatment

Managers of hotels and leisure facilities are sensitive to the expectations of their guests and visitors when undertaking installation of sewage and wastewater facilities.

WPL’s package sewage and wastewater treatment plants are carefully designed so there is minimal disruption when installation is carried out, ensuring that our hotel and leisure sector clients’ customer-facing businesses are unaffected.

WPL provides sewage and wastewater treatment for a broad range of hotel and leisure sites including National Hertiage sites where mains drainage is unavailable. Our sewage treatment products are designed to take into consideration variable flows and loads typical of such sites.

Visual impact is minimal when below ground installations are applied, and odour issues are eliminated in these covered modular wastewater treatment systems. The biological treatment process means no chemicals need to be purchased, which saves additional cost and on-site storage.

WPL offer low whole-life costs with easy maintenance regimes. WPL also ensure that sewage treatment plants, designed for hotel and leisure sector clients, are proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the UK Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or other regulatory bodies.

Hotel And Leisure Options