Utilities & Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Supporting utilities globally

WPL have provided global process solutions support to water utilities, industrial users, contractors and consulting engineers for over 25 years. Understanding and meeting the requirements of individual water companies is at the heart of WPL’s operation, which has made us a market leader in the supply of industry wastewater treatment solutions.

We work closely with utility clients to help them make informed total expenditure (TOTEX) decisions on new and existing assets. Whole-life cost and low energy consumption are embedded in the design criteria when developing wastewater treatment systems.

Each sewage treatment unit is engineered and assembled prior to transportation and site delivery. WPL’s modular, factory-engineered approach to treatment plant production reduces on-site installation time and costs; it also lessens health and safety risks.

Meeting your business goals:

  • Designed to meet TOTEX requirements
  • Reducing whole-life costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Delivering quality bespoke designs
  • Maximising ease and safety of installation and maintenance
  • Providing a knowledgeable technical team
  • Framework and preferred status supplier for the UK water utilities

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