WPL works collaboratively with industrial trade effluent customers to develop site-specific wastewater treatment solutions which are fully compliant with water company requirements and ensure long-term environmental protection.

Industrial trade effluent is liquid waste discharged into public sewers from a business or industrial process. Its contents are highly variable but may include substances such as chemicals and detergents that can be harmful to the environment if not treated correctly.

In giving consent for businesses to discharge industrial trade effluent, water companies may require it to be treated to a specified standard before it enters the foul sewer and becomes the responsibility of the utility to manage. Breaching this agreement and not fulfilling environmental obligations can result in fines or prosecution.

Compliance is one trial away

Full-scale operational trials of trade effluent treatment solutions offer immediate enhancement to onsite performance, meaning environmental compliance is achieved and businesses have time to plan out a permanent fix.

Advance lab testing of effluent ensures the correct technology and treatment processes are in place to ensure compliance based on parameters including levels of fat, oil and grease, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and suspended solids.

Once the trial process is up and running, data can be analysed to help inform a permanent, custom solution.

Typical industrial wastewater applications include:

  • Abattoirs, meat and poultry wastewater treatment
  • Brewery, winery and soft drink manufacture wastewater treatment
  • Baking and confectionery, ready meals and vegetable production and packaging manufactures wastewater treatment
  • Commercial laundry wastewater treatment
  • Cosmetics manufactures production and packaging wastewater treatment
  • Dairy inc milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese processing and packaging wastewater treatment
  • Fish processing wastewater treatment
  • Paper mills wastewater treatment
  • Petrochemical wastewater treatment
  • Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment
  • Textile manufacture wastewater treatment
  • Waste recycling centre wastewater treatment

Industrial trade effluent