Primary Wastewater Treatment

 Settling out solids and reducing BOD

During the primary wastewater treatment process, wastewater is temporarily held in a tank where heavier solids can settle to the bottom, while any lighter solids and scum float to the surface. The settled and floating materials are desludged or held back and the remaining liquid may be discharged or put through a secondary treatment process.

Specialist equipment is needed to remove primary sludge that has settled as organic and inorganic solids on the bottom of settling tanks. Floating material also needs to be removed. WPL’s primary wastewater treatment plants are designed to be used in conjunction with our biological treatment modules, where settlement or storage is required.

Each primary wastewater tank is available with a choice of safety features and desludging equipment that can be selected according to the requirements of an individual site. WPL’s in-house engineering team will design a bespoke wastewater treatment solution for your application.

Primary Treatment Options