Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Meeting consents through biological treatment

Removal of dissolved and suspended biological matter from the settled liquor leaving primary settlement and septic tanks is usually performed by an aerobic or anaerobic biological process.

WPL’s secondary wastewater treatment units can be used either for full biological treatment or to complement existing process units in carbonaceous and nitrifying applications.

The company’s bespoke modular secondary wastewater systems enable utilities to meet high treatment standards for biological oxygen demand (BOD), ammonium (NH4), suspended solids (SS), nitrate (NO3) and even phosphorus (P) removal.

WPL's secondary wastewater treatment modules meet the most stringent consent standards imposed by the UK’s environmental regulators.

WPL can design and deliver bespoke treatment plant for your site using high quality materials and drawing on a comprehensive range of technologies. The company offers hire and purchase options.

Secondary Treatment Options