Process solutions for UK Water Utility Companies

Water utilities are moving to asset investment decisions based on total expenditure (totex) including energy use and service and maintenance. The design criteria for WPL's bespoke wastewater treatment systems ensure whole-life cost and low carbon footprint and power consumption is built-in from the start.

Municipal wastewater treatment units are engineered and assembled prior to transportation and site delivery.

WPL’s modular, factory-engineered approach to treatment plant production reduces on-site installation time and costs; it also lessens health and safety risks.


Meeting your business goals TOTEX:

  • Designed to meet site-specific requirement
  • Off-site modular manufacture to reduce civil installation costs
  • Modular approach to fit small or unusual shaped footprint
  • Scaleable to accommodate a growing population
  • Above ground mobile assets can be redeployed and re-sited
  • Low maintenance
  • Above and below ground solutions
  • Offering both temporary hire and purchase options

WPL works closely with framework and preferred status contractors to ensure that WPL’s EU-compliant wastewater treatment plants meet and exceed their expectations.

UK Water Utilities