Scalable sanitation for refugee camps

Adequate sanitation provision is vital to promote health and prevent the spread of disease in long-term temporary settlements such as refugee camps. Sites tend to be overcrowded and facilities can be far from adequate.

WPL’s transportable and temporary package sewage and wastewater treatment plants can provide a facility for any number up to 10,000 people. The scalable, modular nature of our sewage treatment plants mean they can be adapted to fluctuating populations in camps.

WPL’s wastewater treatment systems meet World Health Organisation standards on effluent discharge. High quality final effluent can be used for irrigation where rainfall is inadequate, and the organic treatment process means no chemicals need to be transported.

WPL provide sewage treatment plants bespoke to refugee camps, each installations is tailored to specific site requirements and local climatic conditions and WPL’s experienced in-house engineers work closely with national and international organisations to make sure all requirements are met.

At WPL we believe everyone has the right to access safe and reliable water and sanitation, which is why our charity of choice is WaterAid.

Refugee Camp Options