Chemical Free Wastewater Treatment for Residential Communes

Safe treatment and disposal of sewage is a key element in preventing the pollution of watercourses and the environment. WPL’s chemical free wastewater treatment plants can be used for communes that require off-mains drainage.
They treat wastewater in an efficient, continuous bacterial process that uses no chemicals. The final effluent is high quality and can be safely discharged into a watercourse or soakaway with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
The compact sewage treatment plants can be installed below ground, requiring only a small excavation area for minimal disruption and low visual impact.
WPL’s EU compliant chemical free wastewater treatment systems are designed and manufactured in the UK, and are easily transported to the continent. EU funding is applicable, especially for new member states in Eastern Europe as part of the Water Supply & Sanitation (WSS) policy.

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