Simple, reliable and discreet sewage treatment

Householders whose homes are not connected to mains drainage need alternative safe and reliable domestic sanitation. We have over 25 years’ experience of producing high quality package residential sewage treatment plants that are ideal for domestic installations.

Compact and discreet

The compact design of our domestic sewage treatment plants leads to minimal disruption when installation is carried out. Further, below-ground installation in a robust self-contained unit means low visual impact, no odours and minimal noise output, perfect for homeowners.

Robust process

The treatment process for residential sewage treatment plants is biological and natural, meaning there is no requirement for chemicals. This helps keep maintenance to a minimum and costs low. We have earned a well-deserved reputation for working to the highest health, safety, environmental and quality standards. We also ensure that our domestic package sewage treatment plants are designed and proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or other regulatory bodies.

Ideal septic tank replacement

Homeowners with septic tanks that discharge directly into the surface water will now need to consider the optionof replacing with a packaged wastewater treatment plant, by (or before) the 1st January 2020 when selling a property or upgrading an ‘end of life’ septic tank.

Unlike the traditional septic tanks, the modern packaged wastewater (sewage) treatment plants such as a Diamond are designed with an aerated process for todays’ increased volume of water usage in everyday life.

Independent network of professionals

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service; demonstrating our commitment to building long-term relationships with each member of our network of independent experts who install and maintain our packaged sewage treatment plants.

To find out more about joining our network of independent experts, please contact us.

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