Optimising the wastewater treatment assets of water companies

WCS Environmental Engineering can help regulated UK water companies meet the wastewater treatment requirements of a population that is expected to rise by 10 million by 2050. Utilities are already managing challenging budgets and rising customer expectations, especially on environmental standards.

We work closely with our water utility clients to identify the optimal whole lifecycle, future proofed solution for each site, whether hire, new build, asset replacement or repurposing of existing infrastructure. We also provide portable units to manage short-term compliance issues.

Efficient delivery and operations

Close collaboration at the earliest stage of each project ensures that the site’s potential is fully explored in terms of project delivery and operational efficiency.

Modular custom design and repurpose options mean challenging site footprint and access restrictions can be overcome. Off-site build of our modular wastewater treatment units minimises onsite installation time and reduces health & safety risk.

Ensuring environmental compliance

Water companies require certainty that discharges of effluent to the environment are fully compliant to negate the risk of penalties and reputational harm. WPL ensures that wastewater treatment plants are designed and proven to exceed all current and proposed discharge consent standards enforced by UK regulatory bodies.

Continuous research and development

Utilities are coming under regulatory pressure to improve performance by exploring innovative technologies and new ways of working. We continually develop and improve our patented technologies to safeguard our place at the head of the market. By working closely with our academic partners we are making demonstrable gains in energy efficiency and process capacity.

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