WPL Technical Support


At WPL we design and manufacture wastewater treatment plants, so we know them inside and out. With over 25 years’ experience providing service and technical support, we have a reputation for quality, expertise and rapid response from our customer-focused teams.  We offer expert advice on product maintenance, legislation and environmental impact.

Our team of experienced professionals in design engineering will work with you to ensure that the solution offered meets specification, is robust, fully compliant and cost-effective – delivering proven value for money.  Our engineers create bespoke and innovative designs in order to provide process solutions for your wastewater treatment needs. You can contact the team here.


Commercial package wastewater treatment solutions

  • WPL offers both off-site and on-site technical support for larger wastewater treatment solutions for sewage and industrial effluent applications.
  • DBO:  we have experience in designing industrial wastewater treatment solutions and industrial finance packages to meet your needs.
  • WPL site services: if you would like to talk to a member of our team for advice regarding the operation and maintenance of your plant.  All WPL site staff are experienced in all aspects of servicing, mechanical & electrical engineering and have worked on numerous global projects.
  • Commissioning and setting to work: we also offers commissioning for the setting to work of wastewater treatment solutions.
  • Our team consists of a dedicated project manager, qualified process engineers, design engineers and accredited British Water service engineers to work with you and the installation contractors for a smooth running process.


WPL Diamond and  WPL HiPAF® Ranges

Our sales and service teams can provide technical support to end-users and independent professionals who install, service and maintain our domestic and commercial WPL Diamond and WPL HiPAF package wastewater treatment products for off mains sewerage.  The team can give help and advice on legislation, specification, installation, service and maintenance

Our trusted network of independent wastewater treatment professionals supply expert advice on compliance and guidelines; whilst also providing installation, maintenance, servicing and parts.  Please visit our International Network for contact details.

Discover our dedicated WPL Diamond website