Andrew Gulliford Process design engineer

Andrew Gulliford, process design manager at Wessex Water said, “Working closely with WPL at the earliest stages of planning for Sherborne water recycling facility meant that together we could completely reimagine the possibilities at this constrained site. Wessex Water customers will benefit from the 75% cost saving on this project and the energy efficiencies achieved will help deliver our sustainability target.”

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Ian Storie, Asset Planner Wastewater, Scottish Water Asset Planner Wastewater, Scottish Water

“Operating and maintaining our wastewater treatment works to reduce the likelihood of pollution and protect the natural environment is one of our priorities. The success of this trial with WPL, especially under the challenging hot weather conditions experienced in the summer, opens up the treatment options available to help meet discharge standards at our rural sites.

“In fact the trial was so successful that we have purchased the unit to make the installation permanent.”

He told how there were a number of sewage treatment works across Scotland that occasionally require additional treatment to polish final effluent and assist with BOD compliance.

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YSP logo

Peter Murray CBE executive and founding director of YSP

“We’re excited to complete construction on The Weston which is an important part of Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s future. The new centre is a reflection of our ambition to increase long-term resilience and sustainability by building audiences, further developing our artistic programme, and increasing visitor income. We are very grateful to the many different organisations who have made this project possible, including our visitors who have provided invaluable support.”

Wastewater treatment specialist WPL has supplied a packaged wastewater treatment system for Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s new £3.6 million visitor centre.

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Martin Lyons Mitchells & Butlers’s area building manager

“As a business, we manage our water, energy and waste in a way which is cost effective to the business and reduces our impact on the environment. The idea of repurposing of WPL’s HiPAF wastewater treatment plant was inspired and is exactly the kind of sustainability initiative we expect from our supply chain partners.”

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Lakes Distillery Cumbraia logo

Paul Currie Managing Director of The Lakes Distillery

“Our distillery is building a reputation as one of the greenest in the world, so it was important for every part of our renovation and building work to be carried out to the highest possible environmental standards.

“The Lakes Distillery is in one of the most beautiful regions of England and we want to ensure that all aspects of our business have as little impact as possible on landscape of the Lake District National Park. We are delighted with the work done by Border Water Technologies and WPL to ensure our onsite wastewater treatment is both as discreet and as environmentally friendly as possible.”

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Quorn Foods logo

Richard Smith Process Engineer at Marlow Foods said

“This is an exciting time for Marlow Foods as we expand our site and workforce and increase production of Quorn. Making sure we meet our environmental obligations is very important to us and our world-leading brands and we look forward to working closely with WPL to meet this requirement.”

The company is investing £150m in production of the protein-rich meat substitute over the next five years due to fast-growing global demand.

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Metropolitian Water Board logo for a leading district energy and multi-utility infrastructure provider

John Marsh Metropolitan Water Director

“Metropolitan has worked with Landsec to provide a multi-utility solution for the site and the provision of all its essential connection requirements.  Finding a cost effective solution for the treatment of wastewater has led Metropolitan to install the on-site WPL Hybrid-SAF™ plant – which meets the entire needs of the Castle Hill development and will be delivered on time and to budget.”

Castle Hill development at Ebbsfleet Valley.


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Stuart Evans Sill Project Director

“The Sill will be much more than a visitor attraction – it will enable us to reconnect with our landscapes and our heritage. It is important that we seek the highest environmental standards in all our construction and operational activity to minimise disruption to the natural beauty of the area.”

Architect's sketch of The Sill visitor centre at Northumberland National Park where WPL wastewater treatment system is installed

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Uzair Osman Contracts Manager

“WPL were able to install the modular units over a weekend – which enabled us to finish the work ahead of schedule. The client, United Utilities, chose the ST1000 modules manufactured by WPL because they wanted units that could be moved from site to site after the Huyton project was completed.


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Jitka Bockova Mayor of Dřínov

“Improving the quality of the environment and surface waters for the Dřínov community was a priority for me when I took office and better management of wastewater plays a major role.

“EU regulations like the Water Framework Directive are an important driver for raising environmental standards and can help smaller villages access funding. Municipalities need technologies that provide robust treatment and are simple to install and operate, which is why I was impressed with WPL’s HiPAF®.


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