Mike Paddock Managing Director

“We have been pleased to work with WCSEE to bring the highest quality wastewater treatment to Home Farm. We have collaborated closely with their technical experts throughout the design process and we look forward to the installation and commissioning stage, expected this summer.”

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Jackie Slater, Office Manager at Drainstore Office Manager

“Drainstore have been a customer of WPL for a number of years.  The service we receive has always been excellent, in particular from our Key Account Manager, Becky Belton.

If we have had any problems or need anything urgently, they have always done their absolute best to help and accommodate us.

We look forward to many more years of working with them.”

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Edward Allistone Business Development Manager

“Being in a beautiful rural location, we care for our surrounding environment and do not want to impact it. Hiring a wastewater treatment unit from WCSEE, while part of our system is out of service, has put our mind at ease – we know we can continue to treat effluent onsite in an environmentally friendly way, without the need for tankers.”

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Pete Croft Building Surveyor

“It is important to Dog Trust that all our sites are operated as efficiently as possible and in compliance with the relevant environmental standards. This is particularly challenging where centres are expanding.

“From our previous wastewater treatment upgrades, we know the introduction of the RADS system will make a significant difference to the amount of desludging required as part of the treatment process and will reduce associated costs as a result. We are very happy with the work that Soma Services and WCSEE have done for us over the years and are pleased to be working with them once again on this important project in Ballymena.”

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Gressingham Duck

George Seinet Gressingham Foods Environmental manager

“We are always looking at ways to make our wastewater treatment processes more sustainable, efficient and cost effective. As such, we are pleased to be working with Atana to install permanent dewatering technology to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions on our mission to become a net zero business.”

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Nick Cowan, Group Environmental Manger Group Environmental Manger

Wastewater treatment facility for the production of potato crisps and snacks

Since partnering with Atana to affect the needed repairs and upgrade our technologies and materials, this treatment facility is operating with efficiencies not experienced in more than a decade, if ever. Our discharged effluent is cleaner than it has ever been, maintenance on the process is very straightforward and we have reduced our overall costs of operation. Our experience in working with Atana was, and continues to be, extremely positive.

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Giuseppe Orlando Project Quantity Surveyor

DP World London Gateway is a high profile site, surrounded by sensitive waters. As such, we are pleased to be working with WPL  to install onsite wastewater treatment for the new warehouse building.”

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Richard Morris Project Manager, Scottish Water

“This is an important scheme which will deliver enhanced ammonia removal at our Ferniegair treatment works. WPL is a framework supplier whose technology will have a key role in the site maintaining compliance.”

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Louise Nethercott Proprietor of Home Farm Holiday Centre

“We are very happy with the WPL system. It performs well, is simple to maintain and has passed all the environmental tests and checks. The nature of our business means we do have big fluctuations in visitor numbers, even more so this year because of Covid-19, and it has continued to provide reliable treatment, with no odour issues. We would certainly continue to recommend WPL technology to other businesses.”

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Peter Joyce Head of Sludge Treatment

“This was a successful project, undertaken to meet regulatory standards for ammonia removal at Cliff Quay Water Recycling Centre the Hybrid-SAF units play an important part in many of our sites maintaining compliance.”

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WPL is a part of WCS Environmental Engineering