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John Marsh Metropolitan Water Director

Director for Metropolitan Water Board said:

“Metropolitan has worked with Landsec to provide a multi-utility solution for the site and the provision of all its essential connection requirements.  Finding a cost effective solution for the treatment of wastewater has led Metropolitan to install the on-site WPL Hybrid-SAF™ plant – which meets the entire needs of the Castle Hill development and will be delivered on time and to budget.”

Castle Hill development at Ebbsfleet Valley.


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Stuart Evans Sill Project Director

Stuart Evans, Sill Project Director of Northumberland National Park said:

“The Sill will be much more than a visitor attraction – it will enable us to reconnect with our landscapes and our heritage. It is important that we seek the highest environmental standards in all our construction and operational activity to minimise disruption to the natural beauty of the area.”

Architect's sketch of The Sill visitor centre at Northumberland National Park where WPL wastewater treatment system is installed

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Jitka Bockova Mayor of Dřínov

The Mayor of Dřínov, Jitka Bockova said:

“Improving the quality of the environment and surface waters for the Dřínov community was a priority for me when I took office and better management of wastewater plays a major role.

“EU regulations like the Water Framework Directive are an important driver for raising environmental standards and can help smaller villages access funding. Municipalities need technologies that provide robust treatment and are simple to install and operate, which is why I was impressed with WPL’s HiPAF®.


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logo for Alpheus - water and wastewater asset management company

Declan Maguire Operations Director

Declan Maguire Operations Director of Alpheus, said,

“We are delighted to be involved in such a significant project, which draws on Alpheus’ expertise in design and build projects. The modular design of the Ebbsfleet plant means it can be built in two stages, which will provide the necessary wastewater treatment as new homes are built and the garden city expands.”

Castle Hill development at Ebbsfleet Valley.


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Uzair Osman Contracts Manager

Uzair Osman, contracts manager at Nomenca said:

“WPL were able to install the modular units over a weekend – which enabled us to finish the work ahead of schedule. The client, United Utilities, chose the ST1000 modules manufactured by WPL because they wanted units that could be moved from site to site after the Huyton project was completed.


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Neil Wilkinson Project manager

Neil Wilkinson, Projects Manager, Nomenca said:

“The modular nature of WPL’s Hybrid-SAFs gives the wastewater treatment plant managers at Sandbach and Lawton Gate flexibility in terms of operation along with the additional capacity required. They can work alongside existing process systems, so they were a good choice at these sites.

“Working in close partnership with WPL, each process plant was delivered on time and within budget.”


Image of Hutchinsons Environmental Soltuions logo, a member of the WPL installation network for sewage and wastewater treatment

Peter Steadman Operations Director

Operations Director for Hutchinson Environmental said:

“Our team found the presentation very informative and useful. Adam was friendly, knowledgeable and clear, he caught everyone’s attention and engaged the team into a very productive conversation on the subject.

Thank you to WPL for sharing the information, to Adam for a fun and well structured presentation, and to Amie for organising this for us. Much appreciated.” WPL RIBA accredited CPD presented by Adam Parmenter.


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Martin Jakoubek Senior consultant

Martin Jakoubek, Senior Consultant on the Dřínov project said:

“Along with a robust treatment process, the whole-life functionality of the WPL HiPAF® was a key consideration when we were specifying for the Dřínov wastewater treatment plant. It was important that operation and maintenance was easy to carry out and that the routine technical skills required were not specialised.

I am very happy that the site limitations, including the presence of groundwater and the need for careful landscaping, were overcome imaginatively through close collaboration with WPL.”


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Image of Roger Casey Associates logo for WPL testimonial page

Andrew Theobald Graduate Engineer

Andrew Theobald from Roger Casey Associates Limited said:

“Thank you to Dominic of WPL for an informative and engaging presentation. The CPD didn’t feel like a sales pitch as most do, but instead it was a highly informative overview of all available products & legislature regarding the subject matter, delivered with enthusiasm & in a light hearted manner.”


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Image of Ian Mcdonald-Wood and wife at South Park Barn where they have installed a WPL wastewater treatment system

Ian Mcdonald-Wood WPL Diamond Customer

Ian said of the WPL Diamond sewage treatment plant:

When we installed our WPL Diamond in our barn conversion we got more than just a first-class sewage treatment plant. WPL’s technical sales manager recommended Clanville Draintech as an excellent installer. Not only have Clanville installed our Diamond DMS2, they have also undertaken all our groundworks and introduced us to some capable tradespeople some of whom we have now selected to work on our conversion project.

Self-building is a minefield and finding the right products and people to install them can be a daunting prospect. Our research confirmed that not only is the DMS2 a better product – it has no moving parts and less to go wrong, it is also markedly better value. That research also revealed the pedigree of the manufacturer, WPL, whose products and services meet the stringent standards of the water utility companies.

The Diamond DMS2 seemed to us to represent an unbeatable proposition and our experience to date bears out our decision. Building tradespeople tell us that self-builders like us are so often the innovators in the building world. If buying something better in every respect than the brand leader represents innovation, then we are clearly the typical self builders.


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