Technical seminars keep you on top

WPL can deliver workplace Lunch & Learn presentations on key topics in wastewater treatment. The one-hour technical seminars are delivered by a senior member of WPL’s technical team, and focus on core issues facing UK water and sewerage companies in AMP7 and SR21.

Lunch and Learn topics can be tailored:

  • Population growth
  • Process energy efficiency
  • Optioneering
  • Asset optimisation
  • Tertiary SAF performance
    – meeting BOD and ammonia removal whilst coping with population growth
  • Project options
    – new build, repurpose, transportable and hire
  • Practical case studies and examples to support learning experience

The water industry regulator for England & Wales is asking utilities to better understand their assets in order to meet major challenges including population growth, constrained budgets and site logistics.

WPL has been collaborating with customers since 1991 to deliver long-term cost-effective onsite wastewater treatment on projects up to 30,000 population equivalent (PE). We can provide multiple reference sites demonstrating the many ways we have helped our clients overcome key industry challenges.

We can also provide data-sets showing how process efficiencies have been achieved and how combined capital and operational cost considerations are driving investment decisions.

WPL has utility frameworks and approved supplier status with Scottish Water, Northumbrian Water, Southern Water, Severn Trent Water, Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, Anglian Water, Thames Water, Wessex Water and South West Water.

Lunch & Learn seminars last up to one hour including a Q&A and can be held anywhere in UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Refreshments are provided by WPL.


Image of Andrew Haywood, presenting a lunch and learn seminar


 Presenter Andrew Haywood

Nicholas Urbani, Mechanical Engineer at  Jacobs Engineering Group

“A very well put together presentation with a very knowledgeable speaker.  I personally  found it extremely enlightening, and I am very grateful for Gordon and Andrew making the appearance.  Everyone in attendance found the subject matter very informative, and Andrew’s personalisation of the content for the work we do at Jacobs was much appreciated.”

Mark Cookson, Process Manager at Nomenca Ltd

“A very productive and useful exercise with a 100% positive response from the attendees.

Offsite construction clearly saves money and we look forward to engaging with yourselves in the future.”

Presenter Dominic Hamblin

Charlie Woollcombe-Adams, Civil Engineer at Mott MacDonald
Global Engineering Management and Development Consultants

“Dom, I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming down to talk to us.

The content of the presentation gave a perfect insight into WPL and their products, and the additional information with regards to the industry and functioning of the some of the systems was of great interest.  Members of the audience ranged from those with 30 years in wastewater to those with no knowledge of how even a toilet cistern works! But the presentation was tailored very well, being both interesting and helpful to everybody listening.

I can honestly say it makes a refreshing change to be presented to in such a way.”

Carl Longland, RBA Ltd from Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

“Just a short email to say thank you for the presentation given to us by Dominic on 12th August: it was very informative and most interesting – we all particularly appreciated Dominic’s witty style of presentation!”